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In 1972 kiaps began to fly this PNG

flag under the Australian one

Traditional stilted huts

Sea dwellings on stilts at Konedobu, Port Moresby

Prince Ronald Mann was a Patrol Officer or Kiap in Papua New Guinea, like film star Errol Flynn, and located in Port Moresby 1970 - 1973.

Ronald Mann, aka King Roman, as a newly appointed Patrol Officer in 1970, was flown first class to Port Moresby, after learning certain skills at the Australian School of Pacific Administration (ASOPA) in Mosman, Sydney.

Ronald Mann, Patrol Officer, Port Moresby, was first taken to Kwikila for further training, including rifle shooting, and was involved in competitive makeshift rafting on the Brown River.

From the start, Ronald Mann, later King Roman, was biletted at Ranaguri Hostel, Konedobu, stationed at Ela Beach sub-district office, and led patrols through mountainous jungle to villages of the Central District, using whatever modes of transport, supplies and manpower he deemed necessary, including helicopter and aircraft.

As a Kiap, as patrol officers were known locally, King Roman initially flew the Australian flag over his raised lodgings, and later with the new PNG flag beneath it.

King Roman was bodyguard for Prince Philip at his visit to the Royal Port Moresby Agricultural Show, sang for the ABC, and also served as a cryptographer in Moresby.

He wrote a book on local languages which the PNG government was going to publish before it ran out of funding.

From 1972 at self government, the PNG flag was flown beneath the Australian flag at villages on the itinerary.

King Roman, left PNG in 1973, and two years later in 1975 PNG became independent.

Traditional Moresby maidens

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